Concert Band

Outdoor concerts are an enduring American tradition. And nowhere are they more popular than here in the Capital Region. The Yankee Doodle Band has been continuing this tradition for 82 years. Each summer the Band performs four or five outdoor concerts in communities across the region. In colder months the Band plays indoors at places like Troy Music Hall, The Desmond and the Saratoga Springs Holiday Inn, as well as at a few retirement communities.

Our concert band performs a varied repertoire, blending Sousa marches with Broadway show tunes, popular hit songs, and music from the movies. Our concert band is slightly larger than the marching band with instrumentation that affords the Band a great deal of flexibility.

Members range in age from their teens through their 90s. More experienced musicians -- some who play professionally -- take the less experienced. Sometimes it is the younger teaching the older but sometimes it is the older teaching the younger. There are a number of families involved with the Band, with active members spanning three generations! New members at all levels of experience are welcome. Whether you are a novice, a serious player, or someone who hasn't played in years, you are welcome to join us. Stop by any Thursday evening to sit in with us to give the band a try. Stay with us if you like; you will be under no obligation to join.

The concert band is available for public and private performances throughout the year. To inquire about hiring the band, send an email to, or leave a message at 518-463-7277.